About us

OSAR was founded in 2014 by Omar Kandel as a self created platform to seize business opportunities, experiment with new ideas and influence change. Since then, it has developed 3 products native to OSAR and significantly contributed to the expansion and improvement of many other brands, businesses and ideas. This journey allowed us to learn and adopt knowledge on how to design businesses and produce products, in a more cost effective and less risky manner. Our commitment is to help people and businesses identify and optimize business components while building and sharing successful products, services and ideas that users love. Our mission is to set new industry standards for existing products and services allowing us to lead the way towards a more innovative world. Our values include quality, excellence and top service, which not only benefit our clients, stakeholders and employees, but also the business and social environment we operate in. We believe in collaboration with our clients and local communities, and we seek constant advancement and continuous growth. OSAR has established communication and supply channels in Canada, United States, Japan, China, Australia, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, India, South Korea and the United Arab Emirates. Our network is limitless and so is our potential.