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OSAR is a Canadian organization servicing the Food & Beverage industry across 6 continents

We believe that every idea has the potential to create a new product, solve a problem, or lead to change. Ideas have the power to reshape our reality, improve our wellbeing, influence policy, invite convenience and evolve humanity. 

OSAR takes tremendous joy in fulfilling ideas and further developing established ones. 

As humans advance, our ideas become more sophisticated and so does fulfilling them. Our commitment is to help people and businesses identify and optimize business components while building and sharing successful products that consumers love. Our mission is to set new industry standards for existing products and services allowing us to lead the way towards a more innovative world.


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How does it Work?

Let’s say you are an aspiring entrepreneur or celebrity with an idea to create your own chocolate bar, grow your personal brand, export your product or shape public opinion.

You start looking into implementing your idea, but after spending days figuring out the paperwork while trying to understand the backstage of the business or initative, your enthusiasm goes down.

Luckily, that’s when you come to us. We possess the team, skills, methodology and talent to help you during any stage of business. OSAR is where ideas become products and products become sustainable businesses.

We will identify requirements and administer operations by using creativity and innovation fuelled by consumer behaviour and analytics to transform your idea into a long-lived business enterprise.



Product Testing (i.e. focus groups & surveys)

Concept assessment

Brand voice and purpose

Supplier due diligence

Foreign Direct Investment

Sample/Prototype development

Business architecting


Importing from or Exporting to Canada

Issues Management

Government Relations Strategies🍁

Investor pitching

Manufacturer Representation

Warehousing and Distributing

CSR Integrating