Top 5 Lessons for Entrepreneurs During the Pandemic

The reason why Covid-19 feels like an economic crisis rather than a health crisis is because most businesses were caught unawares. Suddenly, companies that seemed to be doing perfectly well closed shop. Worst hit were startups that were in their first year of operation. But if you have managed to rise up from this pandemic, then there are 5 lessons you can learn from that experience.

Always be ready for the unexpected

You never know what disaster is waiting by tomorrow. Always have a plan B for when things go haywire.

Automate where possible

Long gone are the days of handling everything manually. We now have SaaS products that can handle simple tasks automatically. Remember you don’t have to do everything in your business. Always let the experts handle what you’re not good at.

Be compassionate to your workers

This pandemic has taught many entrepreneurs that we’re all human. We go through the same struggles. Learn to appreciate your workers.

Never stop marketing

You can never have enough customers. Because today they might be yours, and tomorrow they could be gone. You’d rather have some waiting in the line.

Always have an emergency fund

Always save for emergencies. This is in tandem with being ready for the unexpected. Sound cash flow management is the greatest driver for budding businesses.

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