The Importance of an Awesome Product Prototype

Having a business idea is not enough. You need to materialize it and determine its viability. However, you wouldn’t want to create a whole product only to realize later that it’s actually useless. So what do you do? You create a product prototype.

A prototype is a mock-up of the product design with all the intended features of the final product. It's basically a tangible example of what you plan to come up with. So why is it necessary to create a  product prototype?

Saves time

As you might have guessed already, it will help mitigate the problem of creating a product that no one wants. This way, it saves you time allowing you to focus on other viable ideas.

Helps you create buy-in

If you intend on asking for funding from investors, they will need something tangible in order to buy into your idea. A product prototype helps you showcase how the final product will look like without fully committing to it as you wait for investors' feedback.

For evaluating and testing the design

You do not want to create a product that will be of no use to the final consumer. So what you should do is create a prototype and simulate an interaction with a consumer to see its performance. This way, you get to rectify any problems or add any features that might be needed.

Helps estimate costs

Since a product prototype will help you estimate the cost of producing the final product, you can determine if the product will be viable and whether you’ll have the funds to go into full production.

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