Importance of branding for young businesses

Importance of branding for young businesses

What’s the difference between a business and a brand? The brand is the wheel that drives the business. So without a brand, you don’t have a business.


Example. When you went to the store today to that section filled with all types of bread, what bread did you choose? Sure, they’re all breads. But what made you choose the one that you chose?



Technically, they’re all the same thing, but branding makes each one of them appear different. And that way, you chose one that best fits your preferences.



  • The brand is the lifeline of the business. It keeps it going.
  • The brand is the persona of the business. That’s what they see.
  • The brand is what the consumer interacts with.
  • The brand is what sets you apart from other similar businesses.


Unless your product is patented and you’re the only one offering that product, then only extensive branding will catapult it to success.


When you build a strong brand around your business, you won’t even have to do a lot of marketing. You become the main image in the minds of your prospective clients. So when they’re looking for your product, your business name pops up first.


So how do you build an awesome business brand?


By amplifying the most powerful parts of the business.


What do I mean?


  • Identify the best features of your products and hone in on them.
  • Be authentic and reveal some of those parts that make you human.
  • Identify your superpower. This is that one aspect your business is good at that no other business can beat you to it. Eg. customer service, swift deliveries etc.
  • Become a thought leader. Post content related to your market and products online that helps your prospective clients.


Take note that a brand takes time to build.


So don’t give up halfway.


Because one minute of patience can equal ten years of peace!

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