5 Reasons Remote Workers Are Perfect for Startups

One of the greatest challenges for startups is finding the right people to bring into the team. This problem is exacerbated further by the fact that startups can’t offer the same compensation packages as other companies. Experienced people are also less likely to trust them.

In comes remote workers.

Thanks to high internet penetration and connectivity, the world has become a global village. Hiring remotely is now a walk in the park. But why should startups gravitate towards this new form of hiring? 

Here are 5 reasons remote workers are perfect for startups. 


Remote workers offer you more flexibility. They’re used to working on and meeting deadlines whether that be in the middle of the night or a holiday. They are perfect for startups.

Diverse talents

You’re no longer limited to talents only within your geographic location. There’s literally hundreds of millions of people out there that can do the job better than someone within your location. Remote hiring is the way to go for budding businesses to get the best talent at affordable rates.

Cost reduction

Not only are remote workers cheaper, they reduce a business’ overhead costs. You no longer need that extra office space, or additional energy costs, or transport allowances. Because startups need to save every penny.

Higher productivity

Working from home or wherever they’re comfortable makes remote workers more productive than in-office workers. They get more done with fewer resources and time.

Better employee retention

The cost of hiring an employee is between $3,000 and $5,000 for medium companies. And that’s not including the cost of training. But remote workers are easy to let go and hire, relieving you the stress of filling the position.

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