Canadian Delegates to Attend Virtual Summit Hosted by Riyadh in This Year’s G20 Yea Virtual Summit

Canadian Delegates to Attend Virtual Summit Hosted by Riyadh in This Year’s G20 YEA Virtual Summit

Canada, through Futurpreneur, will send 48 delegates consisting of top young entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners aged 18-39 from across Canada to this year’s G20 YEA virtual summit hosted and sponsored by Saudi Arabia under the leadership of HRH Prince Fahad bin Mansour bin Nasser bin Abdulaziz AlSaud.

The group will seek to champion for youth entrepreneurship both within Canada and abroad while representing the interests of young entrepreneurs in Canada. They will advise on issues of importance, share challenges and propose solutions preceding the G20 Leaders’ Summit to be held between 21st-22nd November.

 The G20 YEA Summit is a culmination of the G20 countries’ efforts to promote and advance youth entrepreneurship, representing over 500,000 young entrepreneurs. It brings together hundreds of the world’s top young entrepreneurs and knowledge partners each year at an annual summit to develop connections, share ideas and influence G20 policy.

The main agenda for this year’s G20 YEA summit is three-fold:

  • Entrepreneurship and the economy post covid-19
  • An entrepreneurial disruption
  • Social and environmental aspects of entrepreneurship

Omar Kandel, Founder of OSAR Enterprises, and one of Canada’s delegates seeks to share new research and products with other G20 members in accordance with his entrepreneurial disruption agenda. 

The G20 YEA is a community of like-minded entrepreneurs that positively contributes to my professional life. The summit allows me to connect with more peers from other G20 countries to develop my skills, share knowledge, seek inspiration, and trigger more new ideas. KSA is undergoing rapid progress and change in the right direction under its vision 2030 blueprint. We want to use the G20 YEA summit to discuss laws regarding hemp seeds and help educate the rest of the bordering countries about the use and applications of hemp.” - Omar Kandel, OSAR Enterprises, Founder.

OSAR’s hemp products were recently awarded a Halal Certification, making them one of the first, if not the first, certified edible Halal hemp products in the world. Their halal-certified hemp will be available under the Good Remedies brand by mid-November 2020 after intensive R&D was conducted from 2018 to perfect their proof of concept. Research has shown that hemp trees are full of ecological benefits compared to other agricultural crops. They have also been found to have a positive impact on the environment and can help in reversing climate change.

Other Canadian delegates have similar intentions and are keen to provide ideas and solutions to improve Canada’s economic landscape and the world in general. Their responsibilities include:

  1. Represent the interests of young Canadian entrepreneurs while advising and promoting friendly policies to catalyze entrepreneurship both in Canada and the world in general.
  2. Engage with government, media and other stakeholders in implementing these ideas.
  3. Disseminate important information to the public through the media and meetings with government officials.


  • Canada to send 48 delegates to the G20 YEA 2020 summit.
  • The summit to be hosted by and sponsored by Saudi Arabia.
  • Good Remedies becomes one of the first brands, if not the first brand, to be given Halal certification for their edible hemp products.
  • OSAR Enterprises Founder Omar Kandel to influence policy at the summit regarding hemp, seek investors, and build relationships with distributors that are interested in eco-friendly foods and products to better take care of their health and the environment they live in.

Omar has participated in previous G20 YEA summits in China 2016, Argentina 2018, Japan 2019, and this year’s summit in KSA. 


About OSAR Enterprises:

We are exporters of Canadian foods such as Quinoa, bottled water in biodegradable bottles, hemp seeds, vegan protein, wheat and importers of Japanese Matcha Green tea, cocoa, and green coffee beans. We are looking for new distributors for our products in G20 countries and we seek new products to import into the North American market.


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